As an emerging artist I work hard to develop paintings that speak the reality and truth, both to me and to others about conscience thoughts of society, culture and life’s purpose in general.

I class my work as unfinished style: drawings, paintings and illustration. This means that when I paint I am free to break boundaries of any technique and I can end my paintings in any way. My work is wild, energetic, which crosses between abstract and expressionism and is used to question the making of our lives, as well as the world through our knowledge and understanding.

My arrangements are conceptual, inviting the viewer to move into a space of thoughts and perspicacity.

I have studied the history of surrealism, portrait and expressionism and have inspired me with ideas in my work.

I am Nigerian and I was born and raised in Sweden then later moved to the UK. Whilst living in Sweden, my two younger brothers and me were racially abuse at a young age and got me question my race and my identity. Art has giving me a platform to express my challenges and experiences.


Art of Angel – 2015

Gitoon x UCL Spring Exhibition – 2015

Off The Wall – Exploring Culture Identity – 2017

Jag Heter Tokunbo ‘Solo Exhbition’ – October 2018

Soul Deep Exhibition – December 2018

Creative Impacts Exhibition: Kings College London –  February 2019