Joseph Ijoyemi is a full time Afro-Swedish contemporary artist who developed an interest in art at the age of 14.

His style as an artist is figurative and abstract and his work can be identified by his unique use of colours and brush strokes. He draws his inspiration from life experience and conversations, so his work often bears a story.

Joseph began his professional career as an artist in 2015 and applied to have his work displayed in the Art of Angel exhibition. His application was successful and one of his art pieces was displayed at Angel tube station, which was the start of the buzz around his art work.

After this time, Joseph took part in various group exhibitions and this helped him to understand the industry and to find his feet as an artist. He was then able to hold his first solo exhibition, which was held in Chelsea in 2018. This created a further buzz around his name and art work.

More recently Joseph has been working on various projects with organisations such as Lewisham council in conjunction with Brown Jewel, Greenwich council, My Runway Group pop up store in Carnaby street and RAW LABS. Each of these projects are related to black history, black culture or the black experience in some way.


Art of Angel – 2015

Gitoon x UCL Spring Exhibition – 2015

Off The Wall – Exploring Culture Identity – 2017

Jag Heter Tokunbo ‘Solo Exhbition’ – October 2018

Soul Deep Exhibition – December 2018

Creative Impacts Exhibition: Kings College London –  February 2019

Late at Tate Britain Online – December 2020