Joseph Ijoyemi - Portfolio

Joseph Ijoyemi is an Afro-Swedish contemporary artist Living and working in London.

He draws his inspiration from life experiences and conversations, so his work often contains a narrative. His work can be both figurative and abstract and combines a novel use of imagery and materials.

Joseph began his professional career as an artist in 2015 and one of his pieces was displayed at Angel tube station in the Art of Angel exhibition. Since then he has taken part in various group exhibitions and this helped him to find his feet as an artist. He held his first solo exhibition at 508 Gallery in King’s Rd Chelsea in 2018.

Currently Joseph is studying for a Masters in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins of Arts UAL and has expanded his practice to include sculpture, installation and multimedia. He has recently been working on projects with organisations such as, Peabody, Woolwich Works, Lewisham Council in conjunction with Brown Jewel, Greenwich Council, My Runway Group pop-up store in Carnaby Street and RAW LABS.

In December 2020 he was part of a group exhibition online with Late at Tate Britain where he collaborated with Aleksander Nærbø making a short film called, Scandimorph.

Joseph is also a co-founder of The Collective Makers, an organisation helping young creatives in his community to connect, empower and providing mentorship.


Artist Statement

I use my work as a means of expressing my thoughts and feelings through the use of a figurative and abstract style with a focus on colours as meaning-making.

My main medium is painting but expanded as a practice to include other mediums like  sculptures, installations and multimedia. My practice represents a critical view of social and cultural issues. I have deep interests in mental health, Black Lives Matter Movement and the Nigerian African culture.

My interest in having my work in a public space is to see how the audience responds to the work and how they engage with it.

My practice is to create thought-provoking dialogue and to invite the viewer to have their own interpretation and to raise questions around identity, social and cultural issues.

The inspiration for my work comes from my own life experience and through conversations with my community and my aim is to tell a story. Each project normally consists of multiple works and grouped around specific themes and meanings in order to create a series. A new body of work usually stems from personal research and key events in my life.



Solo Exhibition

Jag Heter Tokunbo, 508 Gallery, Kings Road Chelsea London – 2018

Group Shows

This Is Not A Party MA Interim Show                                                                                                          2022

Black Lives Matter UK Virtual Exhibition                                                                                                   2021

I’m Ready to Dance again, London Safe House                                                                                        2021

Artlink – VOICES: JURIED EXHIBITION, Online                                                                                           2021

Late at Tate Britain, Online                                                                                                                           2020

Disrupting The Art World, Noho Studios London                                                                                    2020

Brown Jewel Exhibition, Goldsmiths University London                                                                       2019

Creative Impacts Exhibition, Kings College London                                                                                2019

The Soul-Deep Art Project, GX Gallery London                                                                                         2018

Off The Wall: Exploring Cultural Identity, The Square Gallery London                                             2017

Gitoon x UCH Spring Exhibition, The Street Gallery, University College Hospital London          2015

Art of Angel, Candid Arts Trust, The Angel London                                                                                2015

Basketball Floor Design at Thamesmead

Commissioned by Peabody. To be completed late spring 2023


Holding In

104 x 100cm. Acrylic and Gold Leaf on MDF.

Part of a series called “Mandem don’t show feelings. The work explores mental health in men and how some men struggle to show their feelings so instead we use our passion and drive for other things as a cover up.



In a Bubble

104 x 100cm. Acrylic and Gold Leaf on MDF.



Journey across the Atlantic Ocean





Hands of Hope

Caster, shellac, bronze powder and gold powder.



122 x 92cm. Acrylic, gold leaf on hard board MDF.

A piece from the “men don’t show feelings” series.
Although it may appear that our friends and brothers are well, we don’t really know what’s going on behind the mask.


Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable

Installation, Charcoal and pastel on unstretched canvas


Hope in Color

Cast with pigment.



Acrylic on bricks.


Hands of Hope

End of year graduate show 2021 Chelsea


The New Normal

What is the new normal during lockdown?

What does our daily life look like?



Game of Chess

I’m ready to dance again group exhibition, Safehouse,



Collaboration piece with Naïstini Valaydon

I’m ready to dance again group exhibition, Safehouse