Mohammed Ali – 16×20 inch Giclee Print


Mohammed Ali – 16×20 inch Giclee Print

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Mohammed Ali – 16×20 inch Giclee Print

This month I will be paying tribute to a few powerful people that I believe to have influenced racial equality starting with Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time, who frequently spoke out about racial inequality in America and used his platform to influence the civil rights movement. However, Mohammed Ali did not only stand against the racially inequality of black people but also spoke out widely against the Vietnam War saying that “we are all – black and brown and poor – victims of the same system of oppression.”

Muhammad Ali’s life served as an example and role model for those in the black community and once wrote that he hoped to invigorate others to take authority of their lives and live with dignity and self-determination. This is an ethos I can certainly stand with.


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