Portfolio for Studio 3 Arts Commissioning

Joseph Ijoyemi CV

Place of Birth: Sweden Based: London, UK

As a creative I have transferable skills both in admin and in my practice. I am great in working as a team and as an individual and I open to constructive criticism. One of my greatest assets is problem solving as I enjoy finding good working process using my analytical skills. I also provide great communication as well as organisation skills.


 University of the Arts (Chelsea) (UK) Graduate Diploma – Fine Arts  2020-2021

University of Hertfordshire (UK) BA (Hons) Second Class Degree Digital and Lens Media  2006-2009

North West Kent College (UK) Art and Design Foundation Diploma 2005-2006  

Woolwich Polytechnic School, Thamesmead  (UK)

GCSE: 8 A-C Grades includes Maths (C) and English (C)

A Level: Art and Design (A) Computing (B)  1998-2005 (Including sixth form)                                                        __________________________________________________________________________________________


MY RUNWAY GROUP, Carnaby Street, LONDON – October 2020

Created a mural for the client pop up store in Carnaby Street. The Mural placed emphasis on the location of the store.


Created a commissioned piece for cancer screening awareness. The artwork illustrated a black cancer patient after recovery and was a form of celebration in aid of Black History Month.


Collaborated with Eternal Love and produced an artwork for their clothing line.

KICK N MUNCH, Deptford, LONDON – July 2019

Created a commissioned mural for a restaurant based in Deptford London. The mural depicted black icons in an abstract figurate style.


Did a creative workshop with the year 10 & 11 GCSE Art students to inspire and talk about contemporary art within London and also discussions about the increase of gang and knife crime. It was an opportunity to give back to the community and to help young people see the bigger picture by seeing art as therapeutic and positive practice.

Hudinge – Varby ‘Express Yourself’, Stockholm, Sweden – August 2018

‘Express Yourself’ is a summer arts culture festival set over 4 days that seeks to engage youth ages 13-19 through the art mediums of dance, music and art. Was involved setting up art workshop for young people in order for them to express themselves as well as being commissioned to create a unique art piece with young people that represents peace within the community.

Solo Exhibition

Jag Heter Tokunbo, 508 Gallery, Kings Road Chelsea London – 2018

Group Shows

Late at Tate Britain, Online                                                                                                                           2020

Disrupting The Art World, Noho Studios London                                                                                    2020

Brown Jewel Exhibition, Goldsmiths University London                                                                       2019

Creative Impacts Exhibition, Kings College London                                                                                2019

The Soul-Deep Art Project, GX Gallery London                                                                                         2018

Off The Wall: Exploring Cultural Identity, The Square Gallery London                                             2017

Gitoon x UCH Spring Exhibition, The Street Gallery, University College Hospital London          2015

Art of Angel, Candid Arts Trust, The Angel London                                                                                2015



Katrine Hjelde

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Theory – BA University of the Arts Chelsea


Anna-Maria (Mija) Bergman

Operations Manager – Huddinge kommun Stockholm Sweden



Artist Statement

I use my work as a means of expressing my thoughts and feelings through the use of a figurative and abstract style with a focus on colours as meaning making. 

My main medium is painting but expanded as a practice to include other mediums like  sculptures, installations and multimedia. My practice represents a critical view of social and cultural issues. I have deep interests in mental health, Black Lives Matter and the African culture.  

My practice is to create thought provoking dialogue and to invite the viewer to have their own interpretation and to raise questions around identity, social and cultural issues. While I use various colours in each project, my methods are consistent. 

The inspiration for my work comes from my own life experience and through conversations with my community and my aim is to tell a story. Each project normally consists of multiple works and grouped around specific themes and meanings in order to create a series. A new body of work usually stems from personal research and key events in my life.

Holding In

104 x 100cm, Acrylic and Gold Leaf on MDF.

Part of a series called “Mandem don’t show feelings. The work explores mental health in men and how some men struggle to show their feelings so instead we use our passion and drive for other things as a cover up.


Artwork: Strengthened By Struggle 

Outdoor Group Exhibition with Hammersmith BID

Was part of an outdoor exhibition on Big Screen in Lyric Square exploring and celebrating Black Art. As part of Black History Month, the show explored what black art means to black artists in Britain, whilst also presenting the artwork of some of the most exciting Black visual artists living in Britain today.


Life is over

59.4cm x 84.1cm acrylic on canvas.

This piece is about how we treat social media and our as our real life, in fact it’s almost it is our second life to our real life. What we forget is that you lose the experience of happiness in the process of trying to refine your smile for public consumption.

Our attachment to positive reinforcement through likes and comments will keep us detached. Instead of deriving pleasure from your experiences and the people around us, also comparing ourselves to others and we seek validation from our phones. Once upon a time when there was no social media life was good and real.




Created a mural for the client pop up store  called My Runway Group in Carnaby Street. The Mural placed emphasis on the location of the store.


Mural in Deptford

Created a commissioned mural for a restaurant called Kick n Munch based in Deptford London. The mural depicted black icons in an abstract figurate style.



59.4cm x 84.1cm acrylic on canvas.

The art explores the significant events in 2020 and to reflect on how it affected you and what it means to you.


Everlasting love

59.4cm x 84.1cm acrylic on canvas.

Love over everything.


Rough concept for the proposed mural

The aim of this work is to aid men to talk about mental health.